L'Aigle de Nice

35th Aigle de Nice 2023

35th Aigle de Nice International 2023

Discover the 35th edition of Aigle de Nice Arts Contest that took place in Saint-Laurent-Du-Var in November 20232


Crystal Award 7th edition

7th Crystal Award 2022

This prestigious event, is organized every 4 years. It is the most prestigious prize given by the Committee.


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Partnership with Japan

L'Aigle de Nice et le Japon

We have been partners with the Japanese International Art Council of Osaka for 30 years


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Partnership with Japan

The Aigle de Nice is proud to be the 25 years partner of the International Art Council of Osaka, Japan, which organizes, just like the Aigle de Nice, an International Arts Competition.

Masahi Yokohama is the Founding President of the International Art Council ; his secretary is Kazuko Inaba.

Masahi Yokohama is also very well known for his work in martial arts. He is 8th Dan, Grand Master of Karate and he co-created Koroho, a self-defense martial art. He visited the Aigle de Nice several times.

Alain Bideaux, personnaly came to Japan in June 2008 to see Mr. Yokohama and was a honour guest at the Award Ceremony of the International Art Council at the Kobe City Museum.

He went back in August 2012 with Caroll'Ann Bideaux, member of the Board of the Aigle de Nice.

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