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35th Aigle de Nice 2023

35th Aigle de Nice International 2023

Discover the 35th edition of Aigle de Nice Arts Contest that took place in Saint-Laurent-Du-Var in November 20232


Crystal Award 7th edition

7th Crystal Award 2022

This prestigious event, is organized every 4 years. It is the most prestigious prize given by the Committee.


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Partnership with Japan

L'Aigle de Nice et le Japon

We have been partners with the Japanese International Art Council of Osaka for 30 years


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Pictures taken during events held by the Aigle de Nice or others in which the organization participated. 

Pictures of friends of the Aigle de Nice whom share the same love of the Arts

Patron of the Aigle de Nice, Mick Micheyl, sanding in public at Arts Gallery "La Fontaine des Arts" in Sanary-sur-Mer, near Toulon.

MP of Paris and ex-Prime Minister of France, François Fillon, with Alain Bideaux and his daughter.

MP and Mayor of Nice, Chistian Estrosi, with Guillemette Bideaux, Evelyne Grezes and Alain Bideaux

Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes President and MP, Eric Ciotti with Alain Bideaux

Artists Chantal Rouillard-Millot and Ben Vautier with Alain Bidaux at the inauguration of the new Wedding Hall in Tourrette-Levens. Ben wrote in yellow on a blue background for the future spouses : "Do not forget to love eachother".

With MP and Mayor of Le Cannet, Michele Tabarot and MP and Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi.

With the well-known cartoonist, PIEM.

At the Maison de l'Amérique Latine (South America House)

From left to right : Denise Fabre, General Caprioli, Mick Micheyl, Alain Bideaux, Anita and Henry Thomsen

From left to right, Founding President of the Aigle de Nice, Alain Bideaux ; Honorary Guest of the 2001 Aigle de Nice, Henry Thomsen ; Patron of the Aigle de Nice, Mick Micheyl and Vice-President of the 2001 Judging Pannel, Ghyslaine de Sevlian.


At the restaurant "Il Principe", on Jan. 4th, 2003 in the Principality of Seborga.

Vernissage of the First Laureates of the 14th Aigle de Nice International in Menton (Jan. 18, 2003)

From left to right : Crystal Aigle de Nice 2002 winner, Sculptor René Carle, President of the Judging Pannel, Henry Thomsen, Aigle de Nice 2002 winner, Sculptor Elvire Tartié, Aigle de Nice 2002 winner, Painter Martine Noto, Honorary Patron Jean Paul de Bernis, MP and Mayor of Menton, Jean-Claude Guibal, 2003 Honorary Guest Claude Gauthier,Founding President and General Curator of the Aigle de Nice International, Alain Bideaux giving a Honorary Aigle de Nice award to MP and Mayor of Menton ; General Secretary of the Aigle de Nice, Ghyslaine de Sevlian, Vice President of the Aigle de Nice, Henri de Pari and Martial Ars specialist, Didier Leclinche.



3rd Painting Contest of the Nice Traditions Comity at the CEDAC CimiezMuseum of Nice, Feb. 20, 2003.

On this picture taken by Thierry Arzens, Jacques de Rocca Serra, Deputy representing Senator and ex-Mayor of Nice, Mr. Jacques Peyrat; MP of Nice, Muriel Marland Militello; Deputy representing MP Rudy Salles, André Bonny; President of the CEDAC Museums, Victor Lavagna; Cimiez Museum Director, Jean-François Manassero; Deputy representing Mayor of Gilette Pierre-Guy Morani, Francine Somaria; and the 2003 edition winners.
2003 edition's theme was "The Nice county and its 3 ledges".


L'Aigle de Nice was at the Nice Organizations Meeting on Nov. 30, 2002.

Founding President of the Aigle de Nice, Alain Bideaux; Nice Traditions Comity member, Francine Acchiardi and President of Diacocyber and Founder of the Internet Fest, Gérard Diaconesco.


Josiane Romanoff's vernissage at Josette Lambert's Arts Gallery "L'Imprevu"

From left to right : Mayor of L'Escarène, Dr. Pierre Donadey; Painter Josiane Romanoff and Alain Bideaux, ex-pupil of a L'Escarène school.

3 childhood friends meet...

From left to right: Mayor of Berre-les-Alpes, Maurice Lavagna; Alain Bideaux and Mayor of L'Escarène, Dr. Pierre Donadey.

At the Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat municipal library.

From left to right: Mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, René Vestri; Former Vice President of the Aigle de Nice, Mick Micheyl; Alain Bideaux; Wanda Tholozan and Deputy representing the Mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, Colette Aupy.


Vernissage of 3 Iranians painters: Abdollah Gharagozlu, Mr. Massoud Beham and Parvine Hatam.

Iranian painter Abdollah Gharagozlou and Alain Bideaux

Vernissage at Beausoleil

Vernissage of Francine Gressent

With MP and Mayor of Menton, Jean-Claude Guibal; Mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, Gérard Grosgogeat and Founding-President of the Aigle de Nice International, Alain Bideaux.


Exhibition of the first laureates in Guillaumes

With Senator and President of the Departmental Council of the Alpes-Maritimes (France), Charles Ginesy and Mayor of Guillaumes, Jean-Paul David.


2002 Edition Jury at work

From left to right: Pierre Morosini, Patrick Moya, Henry Thomsen, Jean-François Gibereau, Wanda Tholozan, Alain Bideaux, Geneviève Neugebauer, Patricia Trojman and Paul Tomatis.

Founding-President Alain Bideaux performing at the Award Giving Ceremony of the 15th Edition of the Aigle de Nice International in Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat on Nov. 14, 2003.


Alain Bideaux being decorated with a "Grand Loup" by Senator and Mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, René Vestri (deceased in 2013). On the left, his Deputy, Ernest Bergianti.

With Artist Ben.

Tribute to Laura

Founding-President Alain Bideaux with German Artist Laura Bormann, whom recently passed away. She won the Fourth Originality Prize in 1999 in Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat.

So Long Louis !

Tribute to the Writer and Cyclist, Louis Nucera whom accidentally passed away on this picture taken by Ralph Gatti.

From left to right: Founding-President Alain Bideaux, Jorgi Tasso, Rudin, Jean Pizzo, Dédé Truqui, Gérard Muraour. In the foreground: Louis Nucera signing his book "Mes rayons de soleil" (My sunlights) at the Rudin bookstore in Nice.


With Walter Heil, my friend since 1965, whom passed away in 2013.


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