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30th Aigle de Nice, 2018

The 30th edition of the Aigle de Nice International took place from October 30th to November 10th, 2018 at the Club-House of Saint-Laurent-du-Var's port.

This 2018 edition was placed under the High Patronage of Mrs. Mick Micheyl, variety artist and steel engraver, Mr. Jean-Paul de Bernis, President of the Académie Mérite et Dévouement Français and Vice-President of the Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres (Arts-Science-Literature Academy), Mr. Masashi Yokohama, President of Osaka, Japan-based International Art Council organization.


This 30th edition was also the moment to celebrate the millionth unique visitor of the site since 2004, date from which the visitors were listed. This million visitors was distributed in 170 countries around the world.

The exhibition opening ceremony took place on November 3rd in the presence of M. Albert Besson, Deputy of M. Joseph Segura, Mayor of Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

The award ceremony of L'Aigle de Nice took place on the 10th of November under the leadership of its President-Founder-Commissioner General, Alain Bideaux, best known as an author-composer and singer of varieties and under the Patronage of Mr. Jean-Paul de Bernis, President of the "Académie Mérite et Dévouement Français", also present.

Administrator of the Aigle de Nice present except the President already mentioned: Evelyne Grezes, Vice-President, Guillemette and Caroll'Ann Bideaux, Paul-Louis Rebora and the Jury Members: Alain Benedetto, President of the 2018 Edition, Daniel Curzi , Christian Brizion and André Poissy.

A large audience came to encourage the Artists to the musical sound of the Alain Rattier's Jazz Band and in the effective presence of Mr. Joseph Segura, Mayor of the city and Vice-President of "Nice Métropole" and his Deputy Mr. Albert Besson. The presence of Mr Richard Conte, Municipal Councilor of Villefranche-Sur-Mer was noticed.

The Gold Award "Aigle de Nice d'Or" 2018, category Painting, was won by Jacques Vallero (France Nice) with 700 points and by Fabien Juan (France Nîmes) for the category Sculpture with 900 points.

The Jury and the Public have come to an agreement since these two Artists have also won the Special Prize of the Public

Jacques Vallero, Aigle de Nice d'Or section Peinture  Fabric Juan, Aigle de Nice d'Or section Sculpture

The 2nd prize, the "Nice Silver Eagle" was awarded to Karim Benchebra for the graphic design and to David Chaine for his sculpture.

As for the 3rd prize, the bronze "Nice Eagle" was awarded to Christine Saint Laurent, Painter and Barcelona's Teddy Cobena, Sculptor.

The Online Public Prize went to Yolande Meschi (Painter) and the Special Prize of the Public City of Nice to Painter Jacques Vallero and Sculptor Fabien Juan.

Speech of Joseph Segura, Mayor of Saint-Laurent-du-Var Alain Bideaux blows the 30-year-old birthday cake

Alain Bideaux and the Alain Rattier's Jazz Band



Gold Award "Aigle de Nice d'Or" - Painting Jacques Vallero

Gold Award "Aigle de Nice d'Or" - Painting - Sculpture Fabien Juan

Silver Award "Aigle de Nice d'Argent" - Painting Karim Benchebra

Silver Award "Aigle de Nice d'Argent" - Sculpture David Chaine

Bronze Award "Aigle de Nice de Bronze" - Painting Christine Saint-Laurent

Bronze Award "Aigle de Nice de Bronze" - Sculpture Teddy Cobena

Founder's Originality Award - Artistic Photo
Eric David

Founder's Originality Award- Sculpture Patricia Grangier

Online Public Award
Yolande Meschi

Special Public Prize - City of Nice - Christian Estrosi President  of "Nice Metropole" and Mayor of Nice - Painting

Jacques Vallero
Special Public Prize - City of Nice - Christian Estrosi President  of "Nice Metropole" and Mayor of Nice -- Sculpture
Fabien Juan
4th Prize - City of Saint-Laurent du Var Prize, Joseph SEGURA, Mayor - Painting Danièle Frisat

4th Prize - City of Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Joseph SEGURA Mayor - Sculpture Alain Duverger

5th Prize - Departmental Council Prize Ch-André Ginesy President - Sculpture Yolande Meschi

City of Menton prize, Jean-Claude Guibal, Mayor
Bernadette Laude

Special Mention of the Jury
Mario Salvatori

Special Mention of the Jury Coco Vewenda

Special Mention of the Jury
Alessandro Frizia

Special Mention of the Jury Bernard Puget
Special Mention of the Jury Denise Berthoumieux
Press Prize - Le Petit Niçois - Painting Odile Masselon

Press Prize- Le Petit Niçois - Sculpture Bernard Puget

Press Prize - L'Univers des Arts
Serge Buldrini

"L'Aigle de Nice" Administrators' Awards
Serge Tenoux

Foreign Artists Prize - Chatron Cup
Carlos Gaspar-Pialgata

Honorary Patron's Prize, Jean-Paul de Bernis
Denise Berthoumieux

"Académie Mérite et Dévouement Français" Prize
Jacqueline Gagnes-Deneux

All our warm congratulations to all our Laureates!


The Jury


President: Alain BENEDETTO, (Painter)

Members: André POISSY (Sculptor); Daniel CURZI (Journalist), Christian BRIZION (Gallery owner); Thierry ARZENS (Journalist), Michel JARRY (Sculptor). Jean-Louis AVRIL (Co-Founder of the "Univers des Arts" magazine), Jean-François JULLIEN (Engraver-Sculptor), Paul-Louis REBORA (Painter)

Session Secretary: Alain BIDEAUX, General Commissioner of the Exhibition, President-Founder of the "Aigle de Nice International" (non-voting) assisted by Venus DREAMS.


The word of the President of the Jury:


The 30th "Aigle de Nice" Arts competition has just ended, it was a very beautiful show with quality works

I had the honor of chairing a jury of ten personalities from the Art and the Press who independently eestablished the palmares of the presented works and only the result of the addition of points made the ranking

Logical palmares which was also the  choice of the public who voted throughout the course of the exhibition.

Of course the unrequited artists have been disappointed, but I invite them to motivate themselves to excel in their work in order to present in the future new works as the winners of this year who after several participations have remained on the sidelines.
After persevering and renewing in their works, they resulted in the result that all artists are hoping for.

So motivate yourself! and tthe "Aigle de Nice" will still be there to promote your talent.

Alain Benedetto




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Board of Directors


President-Founder Commissioner General

Alain Bideaux 

Variety Singer,


Vice- Présidente

Evelyne Grezes

Notary Clerk Ret'd


Secrétaire Générale

Yamina El Hermack

Bookseller at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport


Guillemette Bideaux

President of the Fan-Club
Stylist Ret'd


Caroll’Ann Bideaux



Paul Louis Rebora 

Painter and Sculptor


Honorary General Treasurer

André Maynard

Accountant Ret'd


Cabinet Audit - Méditerranée




Photographic reportage  

Venus Dreams



Michel Jérôme Moroni



Jury Meeting for the awarding of prizes on October 31st Opening on November 3rd

Awards ceremony on November 10th



All photos taken during the 30th Aigle de Nice Awards ceremony

Photographic reportage: Venus Dreams



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