34th Aigle de Nice 2022

34th Aigle de Nice International 2022

Discover the last edition of the Aigle de Nice Arts Contest that took place in Saint-Laurent-Du-Var in November 2022


Crystal Award 7th edition

7th Crystal Award 2022

This prestigious event, is organized every 4 years. It is the most prestigious prize given by the Committee.


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Partnership with Japan

L'Aigle de Nice et le Japon

We have been partners with the Japanese International Art Council of Osaka for 30 years


32nd Aigle de Nice, 2020


 The exhibition of the artworks of the artists competing in the 32nd Aigle de Nice Grand Prix was held in the Club House of Saint-Laurent-du-Var's Port.

Opened on 26th October, it unfortunately had to close prematurely on 30th October following the French government's announcements introducing the 2nd containment plan to fight against the Covid19 pandemic.

As a consequence of these measures, the Board of Directors of the Aigle de Nice had to take the difficult decision to shorten the 32nd Grand Prix.

As the Jury did not have time to meet and judge the works, there has been no delivery of any Aigle de Nice d'Or, d'Argent or de Bronze Prizes this year.

Only the following prizes were awarded in "Painting & Art Photos" and "Sculpture" categories:

- 3 Audience Special Awards Online for which we received nearly 5,000 votes

- 2 Founder's Originality Awards

- 3 Special Confinement Awards, offered exceptionally by President-Founder Alain Bideaux and rewarding the exceptional value of the overall work of 3 Artists

After the Prizelist, you will find some pictures of the pictures of the exhibition. The gallery of all the artworks in competition is here

The Prize List


1st Prize - Audience Special Prize Online - Paintings
Cécile Pardigon, 621 votes

1st Prize - Audience Special Prize Online - Sculpture
Kharbouch Boutahar, 584 votes

2nd Prize - Audience Special Prize Online - Paintings
Linda Portelli, 570 votes

2nd Prize - Audience Special Award Online - Sculpture
Eric David, 551 votes

3rd Prize - Audience Special Prize Online - Paintings
Angéla Vehier, 525 votes

3rd Prize - Audience Special Prize Online - Sculpture
Sophie Luline, 137 votes

1st Prize - Founder's Originality Prize - Paintings
Gilbert Morales

2nd Prize - Founder's Originality Prize - Paintings
Brice Expert

1st Prize - Founder's Originality Prize - Sculpture
Patricia Grangier

2nd Prize - Founder's Originality Prize - Sculpture
Alain Duverger

Website's Editorial staff Originality Prize
Laurence Meunier


Special Confinement Prize - Paintings
Martine Perrugini, François Vachon, Cécile Pardigon

Special Confinement Prize - Sculpture
Patricia Grangier, David Kant, Vincent Fernandez

The Exhibition room

Artists guests of the exhibition, André Poissy, Alain Benedetto, Roger Vivès, Pari Ravan & many others...

Artworks in competition


The Jury


President of the Jury:

Albert BESSON, Deputy Mayor of the city of Saint-Laurent-du-Var


Members of the Jury:

1.    Nathalie MATHEUDI, Sculptor ; Aigle de Nice d’Or 2017

2.    Thierry ARZENS, Journalist

3.    Christian BRIZION, Gallery owner

4.     Roger VIVES, Orientalist Painter, Audience Special Prize 1994

5.    Alain BENEDETTO, Painter ;1st "Aigle Artistique 1987" prize, Honorary Patron of the Aigle de Nice

6.    Jacques VALLERO, Peintre ; Aigle de Nice d’Or - Audience Special Prize 2018

7.    André POISSY, Sculptor & Painter, Aigle de Nice de Cristal 2014

8.    Daniel CURZI, Journalist

9.    Anthony RAJNELLI, Painter

10. Pari Ravan – Sculptor & Painter, Honorary Patron of the Aigle de Nice


A few words from the President & Founder


What a miserable year!


The 32nd Aigle de Nice and the exhibition of works in competition took place this year, again in Saint-Laurent du Var on the magnificent Port in the Club House.

Thirty-two years of existence, where we had started with the encouragement of Mr. Jacques MEDECIN, former Mayor of Nice, President of the Alpes-Maritimes General Council.

We deplore the flooding caused by the Alex storm in the Valleys of Vésubie, Tinée and Roya but a very great solidarity took place to help the victims.  

Just like the Coronavirus Covid 19 which takes thousands of innocent lives, I am terribly touched by it to such an extent that I have created a song entitled "Coronavirus", thanks to André FISICHELLA for the Music.

This year is a truly miserable year, one of the worst known in 78 years of my sacred life. Researchers must be encouraged to find a vaccine that will stop this damn virus.

Because of this Covid 19, I had to cancel the summer exhibitions and I had almost cancelled this 32nd Edition but, thank God, I was able to keep it. But we will have to be doubly vigilant.

I hope that 2021 will be better.


A big thank you to the Vice-President Evelyne GREZES, to our Secretary Venus DREAMS, to Alain BENEDETTO, to Carlos GASPAR and Marilyn McQUEEN, administrator, Josseline and Paul-Louis REBORA, Administrator, without forgetting Estelle and Lydie for the great help for the hangings.

Thanks also to our Japanese partner for nearly 25 years, Masashi YOKOYAMA from Osaka.

Unfortunately, for this year, we had some restrictions for the duration of the Grand Prix: Cocktails were cancelled as well as the closing dinner. Invitations were limited and the Public Prize in the hall was replaced by the online one on the website www.aigledenice.com, which allowed the Public to vote for the 2 categories Painting/Art Photos and Sculptures in 2 separate galleries, thanks to the work of our development engineer, M. BOAS.

The number of connections across the 5 continents is growing day by day: 1.7 million unique visits since the creation of the website!


The President and Founder

Commissioner General



Catalogue 2020


Clic to download


Board of Directors


President-Founder Commissioner General

Alain Bideaux 

Variety Singer,


Evelyne Grezes

Notary Clerk Ret'd

Secretary General

Caroll’Ann Bideaux



Guillemette Bideaux

President of the Fan-Club
Stylist Ret'd

Yamina El Hermack

Bookseller at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Paul Louis Rebora 

Sulptor & Painter

Nicolas Grezes

Head Waiter


Cabinet Audit - Méditerranée





Jean de la Rochelle





All the artworks that competed in this 32nd edition 2020 in each of the categories :

Paintings / Art Pictures and Sculpture (Clic on the pictures to open them on full-size mode):



Sculptures (Clic on the pictures to open them on full-size mode):


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