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35th Aigle de Nice, 2023

 The 35th edition of the Aigle de Nice International ended on November 11, 2023 with the award ceremony in Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

This ceremony took place under the leadership of its President-Founder-Commissioner General Alain Bideaux and under the High-patronage of Alain Benedetto, Artist-Painter and President of the Jury 2022 and Pari Ravan, Artist-Painter and Sculptor.

In the audience we welcomed the loyal Richard Conte, deputy representing the Mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, Christophe Trojani, the President of the Jury Jacques Vallero, the members of the 2023 Jury Zhu Yan & Christian Brizion, as well as the members of the Board of Directors of the Aigle de Nice, including the Vice-President Evelyne Grèzes, Guillemette Bideaux and Caroll'Ann Bideaux, alias Venus Dreams.

Brigitte Bresson, Painter and Patrick Poupeau, Sculptor received in their respectives categories the Gold Award: l’Aigle de Nice d’Or

This 35th edition had a surprise in store: for the 1st time, the Special audience Award, which attracted over 2,000 votes on the site, was awarded to two ex-aequo winners!

Mireille Dehillotte and Carole Framezelle both received almost 500 votes.
It should be noted that votes from the English site of the Nice Eagle enabled Mireille Dehillotte to catch up with Carole Framezelle.


Gold Award - Aigle de Nice d'Or - Painting Brigitte Bresson

Gold Award - Aigle de Nice d'Or - Sculpture
Patrick Poupeau

Special audience Award ex-aequo, with 486 votes Mireille Dehillotte

Special audience Award ex-aequo, with 486 votes Carole Framezelle

Silver Award - Aigle de Nice d'Argent - Painting
Catherine Richaud

Bronze Award - Aigle de Nice de Bronze - Painting Elisabeth Roux

Board of Directors Award Aurelia Bouys

Departmental Council Award Cecile Pardigon

Departmental Council Award Jacqueline Ropars

Saint-Laurent-du-Var City Cup
presented by the Mayor, Joseph Segura
Dominique Giaccone

Saint-Laurent-du-Var City Cup
presented by the Mayor, Joseph Segura
Christiane Meunier

Founder's Originality Award - Painting
Pascal Plazanet

Founder's Originality Award - Sculpture Laurence Meunier




From left to right: Alain Benedetto Jury President, Zhu Yan, Alain Bideaux Session Secretary, Pari Ravan, Jacques Vallero, Christian Brizion






Photographic report: Venus Dreams

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